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Shi De Song, Principal

Mr. Song has served as chairman and CEO of Shengtai Group Corporation since 2002. Now Shengtai Group is one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world.

  • 2002: Launched the 1st all steel truck radial tire project Shangdong Province, China.
  • 2006: Set up Shandong Zhu Sheng Hua Rubber Co., a subsidiary of Shengtai Group that specializes in all steel truck tubeless tire production.
  • 2007: Merged with former Guangrao Rubber Chemical Industry Company and opened its bead wire plant. This division produces all-steel radial truck tires and high performance half-steel radial truck tires at annual production of 3 million sets and 6 million sets. The products are supplied in more than 50 countries.
  • 2011: Formed ARC Shengtai Corporation, a Nevada Aviation Investment company. ARC Shengtai now hold ownership in both ARC Aerospace Industries and Pacific Aerospace Resources & Technologies
  • 2013: Launched Shandong Sheng Shi Tai Lai Rubber Technology Co., Ltd. in Qingzhou, a $500M investment in most sophisticated production lines in the world for half and full steel tires, annual production at 24 million sets and 1.2 million sets.
  • 2013 Gross Revenue: US $1 billion

Janet Vincent, Principal

As Managing Member of Pacific Aerospace Resources & Technologies, Ms. Vincent brings 20 years of entrepreneurial and executive experience from various industries. She has been Founder and Owner of 5 companies ranging from aviation, telecommunication, real estate development and international business consulting. Currently she also serves as the CEO of ARC Aerospace Industries, an aviation company specializing in aircraft acquisition, dismantling, part distribution and aircraft recycling. In 2012 ARC became the largest aircraft recycling company in the world, recycles over 100 aircraft annually. In 2013 ARC further expanded its operation into MRO business by purchasing Pacific Aerospace Resources and Technologies, LLC in California and Sugarland Avionics in Houston, Texas. Ms. Vincent holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Leigh Wang

Honglei Wang, Chief Financial Officer

Honglei Wang has served as both the Financial Supervisor and International Department Manager for the Shengtai Group Corporation since 2011. Mr. Wang has a bachelors degree in Finance and Accounting and brings a wealth of knowledge to the ARC family.

  • 2011: Ran day to day operations over financial department including but not limited to the control of annual budgets.
  • 2012: Lead the American International Project which included discussions on investment directions and decisions.
  • 2013: Supervised the financial condition and operation of the American subsidiary