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Wrecking Plan

Wrecking Plan has been picked up by A&E Australia with the release date of November 10, 2016. The 13 episodes will be aired on Thursdays at 7:30 prime. Currently we are in discussion with A&E US and the Discovery channel for domestic showing. Click below to view the trailer for our TV show Wrecking Plan.

Australia Trailer

US Trailer

Posted – Monday, October 3, 2016



Wrecking Plan

Aircraft Recycling Corporation is pleased to announce that in the summer of 2015, a reality show called Wrecking Plan was filmed on location in Victorville, CA. Seven of ARC’s employees make up the main cast of the show. The audience can see firsthand what happens to all aircrafts at the end of their lives. Wrecking Plan showcases the daily challenges of the six specialized operators from the school of hard knocks. The show is currently being edited for season one which will consist of thirteen episodes and will be offered to both domestic and international partners with the estimated completion date of fall 2016.

Posted – Tuesday, December 16, 2015



ARC Aerospace Industries, LLC is proud to announce the recent acquired majority interest in Maxair Ventures Inc. Located in Tucson AZ, Maxair Ventures has provided decades of service for the international commercial aviation industry through wide support of aircraft asset management. Under the terms of the acquisition agreement, Maxair Ventures will be providing PART with logistical support, along with the remarketing of ARC’s surplus parts inventories. Currently ARC owns part inventiories from Boeing 767, 757, 747, and 737 aircraft that were previously torn down. This month ARC purchased a Boeing 737-400 and a 767-200 for tear down and part distribution.

David Green, President of ARC, stated, “Maxair management’s many years of aviation experience and extensive industry relationships makes the company an ideal fit for the ARC group’s ongoing efforts to become a one stop premier aviation services provider.

Posted in – Monday, March 31, 2014



Principals of ARC Aerospace received a Chinese Delegation from City of Qingdao, China on January 3, 2014. The delegation was led by the Major and Deputy Major of Jiaozhou, a subsidiary city of Qingdao, who are directly responsible for the development of one of the ten largest international airports in China. Annual traffic projects will exceed 38 million people.

The city and provincial (Shandong Province) officials have made tremendous efforts in growing the aviation sector of Qingdao. One of the most important agenda items of the delegation during this trip was to attract PART to open an MRO in the new airport. After touring PART’s entire operation, Major Mr. Zhang, De Ping spent two days with PART’s principals, David Green and Janet Vincent, for detailed discussions on the potential expansion of PART.

“We are very excited about the opportunity with China, and especially with the City of Qingdao, which happens to be our Managing Member Janet’s hometown,” said David. “ We hope to open our Chinese Division in 2014. Besides Qingdao, we have also been in discussions with the City of Tianjin.”



PART recently completed certification to perform maintenance on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. PART’s 145 certification permits maintenance support to perform Phase Checks and Structural Repairs in care of the B787. PART has multiple, flight ready Boeing 787 Dreamliners on site and has completed maintenance in support of eleven Dreamliners thus far.

Posted in AviTrader Weekly – Monday, April 28, 2014



PART recently completed heavy maintenance and modifications on the Chilean Air Force’s Presidential B737-500 aircraft. The aircraft arrived at PART in early January and is homeward bound as of Wednesday, March 28th. The B737-500 underwent a heavy C-Check, full VIP interior restoration, and the engineering and installation of VIP comfort items. The commanding officer of the Chilean Air Force, was pleased with PART’s focus on high quality maintenance and unsurpassed customer service. This was the second visit for the aircraft at PART’s facility.

Articles posted in SpeedNews- Friday, January 24, 2014 and  Avi Trader Daily – Tuesday February 21, 2014